New Year's Eve Dresses

 Decisions, decisions..which dress should I wear for New Year's Eve? Help! ;) 


Christmas Tree For the Forest Animals

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you my today's adventure - we decorated a Christmas tree for the forest animals with apples, carrots, cabbage and pumpkin, so hopefully they will enjoy the presents :) 
Happy holidays! 


Gingerbread Snowflakes & Hot Chocolate

Home cooked gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate is a great way how to pamper myself ;)


Burberry Studded Trench Coat

I wouldn't mind to have this Burberry studded trench coat hanging in my closet waiting for spring ;)


Outfit of the Day: Fur

Haha, this outfit makes me feel like an Eskimo from Alaska, but it's cold here in Riga, it's even snowing!!


Nail Polish

P2 Color Victim - Rich & Royal nail polish


A Present From Dubai

Can't wait to show you how this treasure looks on ;)


Favorite TV Show - Made in Chelsea

What is your favorite TV Show?
Kāds ir tavs mīļākais TV šovs? 




The party season is already behind the corner and you don't know what to wear? So, here you go, some inspirational photos with the most festive of trends -  sequins!


Salad Recipe: Yumm / Salātu foto recepte

Lately I have started to eat more healthily, so I decided to share with you this delicious salad recipe.
You will need: tomato, cucumber, mixed salad leaves  (in my case: rocket salad, lamb's lettuce and red chard),  Feta cheese and Balsamico dressing. 

Pēdējā laikā esmu sākusi ēst daudz veselīgāk un tādēļ arī nolēmu padalīties ar šo gardo salātu recepti.
Vajadzēs: tomātu, gurķi, salātu mix (manā gadījumā: rukola, lauka salāti un sarkanais mangolds), Fetas tipa sieru un Balsamico mērci.


Here I am

Jau sen to vēlējos. Redzēs, kā ies.

I've wanted this for a long time. Let's see how it goes.